Six Colors
Six Colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Jason Snell

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Whether you’re running a business or simply your own household, you know how important e-mail is. It is nothing less than the record of your life — personal and professional — over decades.

MailSteward gives you the ability to archive, search, retrieve and export essential data from this precious personal resource by harnessing the power of an industry-standard, relational database engine to your Apple Mail or Postbox Mac mail apps.

MailSteward pulls all your e-mail and attachments, from any or all mail accounts, into a single, searchable archive. You can sort, search and filter messages by date range, sender, addressee, subject and custom text strings in the message. Search your attachments by file type, or text strings in the raw header info — all at once in a single pass.

MailSteward lets you define rules to automatically tag e-mail as it is archived into your database based on criteria you define. Or you can perform complex searches after the e-mail has been archived and then tag the results with any combination of category, keywords, notes and priorities.

Join the thousands of organizations and individuals who depend on MailSteward to manage their valuable e-mail data archive.

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