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By Jason Snell

A Practical Guide to Networking, Privacy, & Security in iOS 11

Hi, this is Glenn Fleishman. Most of the email I get about iOS isn’t about apps or the camera or backups. Nearly all of it is about setting up networking features, understanding and configuring privacy options, and making sure that unwanted people can’t break into a reader’s iCloud account or, if they steal their iPhone or iPad, unlock it.

My latest ebook, A Practical Guide to Networking, Privacy, & Security in iOS 11, takes all the most common questions that I regularly receive and distills them into straightforward advice, and illustrated step-by-step directions. While iOS 11 seems to be a slight update from iOS 10 in many ways, features in those three main areas I cover in my updated book meant hundreds of changes large and small.

For instance, the revised Control Center has a lot better access to networking options, like Personal Hotspot, and provides labels that tell you more about the state of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other options. But do you know how to access the extended panel, and how to decipher them? iOS 11 added third-party SMS message filtering, but do you feel comfortable with a company receiving and analyzing your unsolicited third-party texts, even if it’s anonymous? Apple updated how account recovery works with two-factor authentication for an iCloud account—but do you know how to set up your devices and backups in case you lose everything?

My book covers all that and a lot more: AirDrop, AirPlay, Personal Hotspot, Wi-Fi Calling, Safari content-blocking extensions and the new built-in third-party tracking cookie blocker, Find My iPhone/iPad, Bluetooth pairing, Wi-Fi troubleshooting…well, it’s a long list, and you can download an excerpt here with the full table of contents and a sample chapter.

Six Colors readers get a special discount: 25% off the cover price with coupon code SIXCOLORS through November 5, 2017. Buy the book here, and enter that code during checkout. For a single price, you get the 182-page book in three DRM-free formats: PDF, EPUB, and MOBI (for Kindle). You receive free updates to the iOS 11 edition as part of the purchase, too. For instance, Face ID is covered using what we know now, but I plan to update the book with more details after the iPhone X ships. Sign up for the book-specific mailing list mentioned on the welcome page to get notified of updates. (If you’d like a print copy, you can order one at Amazon via this link.)

If you need a reference guide that lets you quickly figure out how a feature works or how to set up anything related to networking, privacy, or security, snag a copy of my book.

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