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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Jason Snell

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Technology has changed the way we run. Smart phones now allow even casual runners to map their runs, create running playlists, and track their progress. However, taking advantage of these technologies has always meant stopping to look at your phone, which means losing motion and momentum…until now!

MARA is a hands free running assistant that uses voice recognition and the microphone in your earbuds to help you optimize your runs.

She’s hands-free:

  • Talk to her using your earbuds.

She uses voice commands:

  • Tell her what kind of run you’d like to do.
  • Ask questions about your speed, pace, location, duration or the weather.
  • Have her play albums and playlists from your music library.

MARA can speak first:

  • She can tell you how you are doing and compare to your past runs and records.
  • She will warn you about changes in weather, like if it’s about to rain (note to host: comes in very handy in the Seattle area, where MARA’s team lives!).

Track your progress:

  • See all your runs, your hotspots and rough legs. ┬áMARA recognizes what you’ve accomplished.

Visit today to download your free virtual running assistant.

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