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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Jason Snell

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Instant App 3.0 launched today! Instant is like Google Analytics for your life. Instant automatically tracks your activities and puts it on a dashboard in the app. It now automatically tracks the time spent on your phone, travelling, at places, while sleeping, and on fitness activities. You can get it for your iPhone & iPad on the App Store.

We have been tracking page views, audience demographics, user growth, retention on apps, web services, and other tech products over the last decade. The data has helped to improve these products. Now with personal analytics, people can track their lives to make them better. Instant is making personal analytics accessible for every smartphone user. It also keeps all the user data private on the phone itself which can be cleared at anytime.

Based on feedback from the Quantified Self community, Instant has added weekly reports to help you understand your data better. Instant is a completely automatic lifelogging app. It tracks your time and lets you improve your daily productivity.

Instant is also available as a Mac usage time tracker for OS X as a menu bar app. You can find that on the Mac App Store.

Instant is developed by the award winning startup Emberify. You can check out Emberify’s other apps on the App Store as well.

‘You used your phone for 20 hours last week. You can go from the Earth to the Moon twice in that much time!’ —Instant 3.0

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