six colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Jason Snell

The Six Colors RSS feed was sick, but now it’s better

Hi there, RSS feed subscribers! We love you.

Unfortunately, as a part of our migration to HTTPS—that’s how the Web is going, you know, to encrypted transactions—I (Jason) made a typo in a very bad spot in our RSS template. It was there for about 5 minutes, but RSS services are very helpful and friendly and cache everything until the end of time, so those 5 minutes may have resulted in you seeing 70 new entries in your feed reader today.

Sorry about that. It was unintentional and shouldn’t happen ever again, or at least until the next time we do a forced technology migration that has the potential to alter our RSS feed in some small way…

Anyway, sorry for the extra junk. Mark all of that stuff as read. It’s all new from here forward.

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