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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Jason Snell

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This week Six Colors is brought to you by RecipePad.

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Kitchen View is a landscape-only view on the iPad for use when working in the kitchen with the iPad in a stand. This view will display each individual procedure on a large notecard, one by one. Timers that are associated with each procedure are displayed at the top of the view. When started, these timers are also synced with your other devices such as your iPhone or Mac. If the timer goes off on your iPad in the kitchen, and your in the Living Room watching TV, the timer will also go off on your iPhone (or Mac) so you won’t forget about your dinner in the oven and burn it.

And if you’re worried about interacting with a touchscreen while you’ve got food all over your hands, don’t worry—RecipePad has a mode that uses the accelerometer to sense when you’re bumping the kitchen counter, so you can advance through steps without touching the iPad screen. The paid version of RecipePad also features an Apple Watch app.

RecipePad comes in free and paid versions in the App Store. Check it out today!

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