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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Jason Snell

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Twelve South makes the largest selection of MacBook stands in the world, with over 10 different models of MacBook Stands to choose from. The BookArc was Twelve South’s first product ever, debuting six years ago this week. With updatable inserts, the first BookArc Stand sold in 2009 still fits the latest MacBook airs and MacBook Pros released this year.

HiRise for MacBook was the first adjustable height stand for MacBook. It adjusts to perfectly align the MacBook screen with a user’s external monitor, creating a more seamless screen space.

ParcSlope is Twelve South’s newest desktop stand and is a hybrid design—tall enough to lift the screen for use with a dual-monitor setup, but still sturdy and low enough for a user to type on.

BaseLift is Twelve South’s first stand that’s portable, adding a flip-out stand to elevate your MacBook anywhere you go.

In celebration of our sixth anniversary, we’re:

  • Putting all stands on sale. You can get any Twelve South Stand for 12% off now until Friday August 7 with the code: DUALSCREEN

  • Launching our second collection of Free dual-screen wallpapers with original photography of Scotland shot last month.

  • Permanently lowering the price of the BookArc Möd Wooden BookArc Stands to $59.99 (from $79.99) - not including the new discount!

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