six colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Jason Snell

RSS Sponsor: Napkin, from Aged and Distilled

This week’s Six Colors sponsor is Napkin, from Aged and Distilled.

Napkin is the ideal image markup application for OS X. Designers, software developers, artists, educators, journalists, or anyone that needs to annotate images will love how painless and powerful Napkin is.

Use Napkin when you need to create an image that makes your point crystal clear. It’s the ultimate tool for visual communication.

Aged and Distilled just released Napkin 1.5, a massive update that features Yosemite style and vibrancy, support for Yosemite extensions, cropping, pixelating, blurring, and much more.

Napkin. Say it with a picture, skip the 1,000 words.

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