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By Jason Snell

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This week Six Colors is brought to you by HoudahSpot, a powerful file search tool for Mac that extends the power of Spotlight. It will help you locate hard-to-find files and keep frequently used files within reach.

HoudahSpot provides a clear and structured interface that focuses on file search. It looks and works the way you expect file search to work: Fill in a search form with the details of the files you want to find: name, text content, author, image dimensions, etc. and find the excat files you are looking for.

The customizable results display, the smart info pane and file previews make it easy to browse search results and assess files for their relevance. When a search produces too many results, you can add and combine add and combine search critera to zero in on specific files.

You can make the interface your own: Customize search criteria, search locations, columns, sort order, and more. Save your perfect set-up as a template or default for new searches.

HoudahSpot gets you to your files as quickly as possible. You may be surprised by the files it can unearth, but you will never be left wondering what the search results have to do with what you are looking for.

Six Colors readers can get 20% off by using coupon code SIXCOLORS at the Houdah store.

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