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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Jason Snell

Feed Sponsor: DevMountain iOS bootcamp

This week Six Colors is sponsored by DevMountain, which is an immersive bootcamp for learning how to build iOS apps. In 12 weeks you will be living (really—housing is included) and breathing iOS development, with full-time iOS developers as your instructors. Among the subjects covered: Objective C, Swift, new iOS 8 features, and even WatchKit.

Individually assigned mentors work one-on-one with students, and students finish the program with apps in the App Store. Tuition for the 12-week program is $8900, 20 to 25% less expensive than competitors. And you can save $250 by using offer code FINALLY when booking. It all happens in a beautiful Utah setting.

Bootcamp style education immerses you in the content you want to learn, and it’s cheaper and faster than college. DevMountain doesn’t claim that you will leave the program as one of the top iOS developers in the world, but the program can provide a foundation to help you build a new career and create real-world app projects.

For more information, visit DevMountain’s site.

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