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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Jason Snell

Feed Sponsor: Kifi

This week Six Colors is sponsored by Kifi, a remarkable new way to organize, discover, and share knowledge.

Here’s how it works: keep the pages that matter to you into Kifi, where you can organize them in your own libraries so you never lose track of them. You can create Kifi libraries for anything - articles you want to read, things you want to buy, videos that inspire you, or useful resources you’d like to share with other people. I’ve been using Kifi and created a couple of libraries about two of my passions: Apple and general geekery and sports (mostly baseball). You can follow these libraries on Kifi and you will be able to see new content any time I add it.

The best part? The things you keep and everything in the libraries that you follow is fully indexed and searchable right in Google thanks to Kifi’s Chrome and Firefox extensions. And you can always recall the content you need on the go using their iPhone and Android apps.

Kifi also delivers an awesome feed of recommendations to you daily. The more content you keep and libraries that you follow, the smarter Kifi becomes at recommending content to you.

Learn more and try it free.

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