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Review: 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K Display

iMac with 5K Retina Display

When it was first announced in 1998, and for most of the years that followed, the name iMac represented Apple’s affordable all-in-one “computer for the rest of us.” The iMac was never the kind of Mac a self-respecting Apple nerd would use—for them there were Power Macs and Macs Pro, PowerBooks and MacBooks Pro.

But over the last few years, Apple has been slowly pushing its other Mac desktop models into corners. You can’t buy a Mac Pro for less than $3,000, and after ignoring the Mac mini for two years, the latest update drops support for quad-core processors, making it more of a low-end model than ever before.

And now here comes the clincher: A new top-of-the-line 27-inch iMac that’s not just fast, but sports a gorgeous Retina display that brings nearly 15 million pixels to the party. It’s enough to make people who fully expected to buy a Mac mini or Mac Pro switch sides and pledge allegiance to iMac Nation. People like me, for one.

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Apple releases iOS 8.1

As promised during last week’s Apple event, Apple released iOS 8.1 Monday at 10 Pacific, the traditional Apple software roll-out slot.

The big change is support for Apple Pay on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in the U.S. The Camera Roll is also back, and iCloud Photo Library has been added in beta. There are plenty of other changes, so check out the change notes to see if your favorite bug is being addressed. (And if you want to wait to see if the update does something weird to some people’s phones, no one will blame you.)

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Ads via the DeckAds via the Deck

‘The iPad zombie’ ↦

Yesterday I likened the A5-based original iPad mini to a horror movie monster. App developer Allen Pike likens it to a zombie, and then to Internet Explorer 6—I don’t know which one’s scarier.

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Falling out of the Mac Pro market ↦

Current-generation Mac Pro owner Marco Arment is psyching himself up to buy a Retina iMac:

The 5K Retina iMac is out, and it looks incredible so far on paper — so incredible that I’m seriously considering selling my new Mac Pro to get the Retina iMac instead. In fact, the case for the Mac Pro for anyone but advanced video editors, 3D modelers, and heavy OpenCL users is now weaker than ever.

As I said yesterday, “It’s a screen so good, people who have Mac Pros are going to want to replace them with an iMac.” Marco’s one of those people.

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Apple’s iPad/Mac event: First thoughts

Tim Cook with Gold-backed iPad Air 2
Tim Cook and his new, gold iPad Air 2.

I just got back from Cupertino, barring a stop at my local In N Out Burger for a post-event treat. Here’s a quick take on the aftermath.

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Images from the Apple event ↦

Tim Cook

I took a bunch of pictures at the Apple event today. Here they are on Flickr, including the lousy blurry ones, so be warned.

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Apple Event - Live Blog/Tweet Stream

With Dan Moren and Jason Snell!

Apple Event, October 16, Cupertino

So don’t forget there’s an Apple event on Thursday, October 16 at 10 a.m. Pacific. That’s 1 p.m. Eastern. I’ll be there, and will be liveblogging (sort of) via the new @sixcolorsevent Twitter account. My old liveblog pal Dan Moren will be joining me from his mountaintop redoubt for color commentary.

New iPads, Yosemite, and a few surprises in store? I’m not sure if there are many surprises at Apple events anymore, unfortunately, but here’s hoping. Regardless, it should be fun.

If you want to follow on Twitter, follow @sixcolorsevent or come back Thursday and we’ll embed a Twitter stream on the front page of Six Colors.

See you from Cupertino!

It hasn’t been ‘way too long’ for the MacBook Air ↦

There’s some sort of physics about Apple rumors. The rumors for every product everywhere end up getting compressed into a single layer that’s one event long. That’s why every product ever rumored to be coming from Apple has been rumored to be on the agenda for Apple’s event this Thursday ever since that event was announced.

Here’s the well-connected John Paczkowski of Re/code, knocking down one rumor with the Re/code version of a “nope”:

Apple may well have a new MacBook Air with Retina Display in the pipeline, but it’s not going to unveil it this week… As I reported earlier this month, this event will be headlined by Apple’s latest iPads, a new hi-res iMac and OS X Yosemite.

There you go. Re/code says new iPads, Yosemite, and a Retina iMac.

I’ll be at the event on Thursday to bring you the facts. But fear not: Within minutes of the event’s conclusion, all unproven rumors will re-coalesce around a new rumor about the next Apple event sometime in 2015.

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Apple event set for Oct. 16

“It’s been way too long,” says Apple’s invitation for a special event on Apple’s campus on Oct. 16. (Along with an image that features a certain familiar collection of colors!)

Let the Kremlinology begin! Is it a winking admission that the press was just in Cupertino for an Apple event last month? Is it a promise of updates to the Mac mini, which hasn’t been touched since 2012? Is it a high-school reunion? Is someone trimming his very long beard? (“Nope.”)

All I know is that we’re supposed to meet at the main entrance at 1 Infinite Loop (which is not the usual Apple Town Hall routine) before “an executive presentation” at 10 a.m.

And yes, I will be there! Along with Apple’s very own six-color rainbow, it seems.