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By Dan Moren

Tweetbot 4 adds new Activity and Stats views, better iPad support

Note: This story has not been updated for several years.

Tweetbot 4

I think we can all agree that there is perhaps no more personal choice than one’s Twitter client. I’ve been a user of Tapbots’s Tweetbot for many a moon now, and though I was tempted to stray from time to time, I’m glad that I did not succumb, for Tweetbot 4 is, at long last, here.

Longtime users will probably be happiest the new version’s complete revamp of the iPad client, which not only gets support for the multitasking features in iOS 9, including Split View, but also gets a much-needed facelift. For one thing, when in landscape orientation there’s now a new side column which you can dedicate to viewing mentions or lists or saved searches. There does not, however, appear to be any way to turn off the side column if you don’t like it.

My favorite new Tweetbot features–vainglorious fellow that I am–are the Activity and Stats views. The former mimics Twitter’s own Notifications feature, showing you replies, favorites, retweets, and new followers. The latter, though, takes things up a notch by breaking out retweets and favorites by tweet, and giving you information about the number of favorites, retweets, and new followers you’ve gotten today. (Tapping each tweet listed there will also show you who favorited or retweeted it.) There’s also a graph of your overall activity, if you feel the need to quantify yourself.1

Other useful additions include the ability to enter replies in notifications (hurray!), a more granular Mute function, and automatic day/night themes (plus a two-finger gesture to quickly switch between them).

Tweetbot 4 is the update that I’ve been waiting for, and I’m pretty psyched. However, just so you know what you’re getting into, Tweetbot 4 is a brand new app in the App Store, and it’ll currently cost you $5 to grab it (which Tapbots says is 50% off the official price). For a client as good as Tweetbot, that’s a great deal, and I’m personally happy to continue to support the development of quality apps.

  1. The shortcut to double-tap on your profile icon to open Favstar is gone, though probably because the new Activity & Stats views kind of replace that. Favstar is still accessible from profiles and on a tweet-by-tweet basis via the gear menu, though. 

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