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By Dan Moren

By request: What to expect when you’re expecting new Macs

I think it was Subscriber Neal who once wrote so eloquently, “Tell us all about the new Macs Apple will announce between now and when you publish.”

Well, Subscriber Neal, some bad news for you: as of this writing, Apple still hasn’t announced its new Macs, only the event at which it will announce said new Macs. So while we can’t detail for you all the exciting introductions of the coming week—which, of course, we totally completely know, obviously because we are super well-informed—we can at least speculate about what such announcements might entail for all our favorite Macs.

MacBook: Of all of Apple’s PC lines, the MacBook got the most recent updates, having received a bump back in April to a new Skylake processor. It might be a bit soon for it to get refreshed once again, but a speed increase is certainly not out of the question. If you’re hoping for it to finally get another USB-C port too, well, I’d guess you’re probably out of luck.…

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