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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

This month, join us and Relay FM in supporting St. Jude.

By Jason Snell

A new 4-inch iPhone: Coming later? Or never?

Analyst Timothy Arcuri says there won’t be a 4-inch iPhone 6C this fall, according to his sources in the supply chain.

The bad news: I don’t think Apple should abandon the 4-inch phone size.

The good news: This phone may still be coming, but perhaps early next year.

The muddy middle: Arcuri’s track record is not perfect, so he could be wrong.

Also, I’m tired of this theoretical iPhone being referred to as a “low-cost iPhone.” Yeah, it would be less expensive than the iPhone 6 successors, but the goal here is to fit in the $99 slot of last year’s model, not create some new super-cheap phone. I don’t think that Apple is afraid that the existence of a 4-inch iPhone using last year’s tech for $100 less than the brand new model is going to cannibalize sales, either.

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