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Why can’t Mobile Safari upload and download?

Bradley Chambers has a good point about Mobile Safari:

While Mobile Safari is fast and loads website reasonably well, it cannot upload and download files. It can upload pictures, but that is it. Mobile Safari needs a way to upload and download any type of file into iCloud Drive (a mirrored from the Mac downloads folder).

Apple keeps making strides here, and it feels like the addition of iCloud Drive as a consensual more-or-less filesystem for iOS has finally unlocked the possibility of letting apps upload and download files at will. But Mobile Safari, at least in iOS 8.0, is behind the curve.

I admit I’m a little surprised that I’m not seeing more apps that take advantage of iOS 8’s fancy new filesystem features yet.

Here’s hoping that in an iOS 8 update, we’ll see Mobile Safari support uploads and downloads—it would really be a shame if this had to wait until iOS 9.

—Linked by Jason Snell

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