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Six Colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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What it’s like to fly Singapore Airlines Suites Class

Derek Low:

However, the experience came with a hefty price tag. With round-trip tickets costing up to $18,400, it was completely unattainable for most people. Formerly, the only way for an average person to fly in the Suites was to take out a bank loan. And then I remembered that most of my personal net worth exists in frequent flier miles rather than cash.

As we debate the price of the Apple Watch Edition, it’s interesting to get a peek into some of the products that are tailored to the high-end market. Like, say, a $18,400 plane ticket.

(Update: Fireballed. Cached version here. Reddit thread on possible plagiarized portions here. More on content copying on Andy’s Travel Blog.)

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