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Project Photoshop streaming


Project Photoshop Streaming enables selected participants to access Photoshop on Chromebooks. Applications delivered via streaming are easy to access and easy to manage. Even better, streaming apps work directly with files in Google Drive, so no need to download and re-upload files - just edit directly in the cloud.

I’ve got a Chromebook Pixel and it’s a great piece of hardware, but I almost never use it. Too many parts of my workflow rely on apps that just don’t have good in-browser equivalents, and if it doesn’t run in the browser, it doesn’t run on Chrome. Bringing major desktop apps like Creative Cloud to Chromebooks would be a big step forward.

Part of the appeal of Chrome as a platform is that it’s simple and everything happens in the browser—but if you’re someone who can’t do your job in a browser, it’s a platform that doesn’t make sense. Between this announcement and the fact that Android apps are coming to Chrome, Chrome seems to be transforming into a platform that’s much more than an operating system for running web apps.